3:08 PM

On July 20th, we had a Photographer's Picnic from one of the groups I belong to.  At these get togethers, the plan is to pair up photographers so they can take pictures of each other's families.  Since photographers are the ones always taking pictures, they tend to forget to take formal pictures of their own family.  I didn't want to participate because with this particular group I belong too, I look up to all of the photogs.  They are the best in the business!  I have to admit, I felt so intimidated and I didn't want to "mess" someone else's family pictures because my pictures are not as awesome as theirs.  I was relieved when everybody got paired off and I was off the hook.  Well, my relief did not live long. A photographer and his girlfriend came a little late and they had no one to be paired off with.  The all so wonderful Eric Foley said to me. Go, go with Stephen and his girlfriend and take each other's pictures.  I pleaded, but lost my case.  I have never been so nervous at a photo shoot! My mine went blank and all I keep saying; "I'm sorry you got the short end of the stick."  Here are the awesome pictures he took of David and I!  We love them! 

Pictures by Stephen Wang of Stephen Wang Photography.

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