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Back in April, on a beautiful Spring day, I had the honor of shooting a Quincianera Party.  As many of you know, the Hispanic culture celebrates a young girl's 15th birthday. It's similar to a Bat Mitsvah, Bar Mitzvah or a Sweet Sixteen.  It is very important for a Hispanic family to be able to celebrate this major milestone for their daughter.  The ceremony includes a crown, changing of shoes and so many other symbols.  Some parties are simple, some are big and some are more like weddings!  Either way, each party is a beautiful symbol of a young woman leaving childhood behind and taking her first steps as young lady.

This time around it was a double whammy. Instead of just one girl, there was two. Both girls were so beautiful and their dresses were stunning and very appropriate for the event.  Shai and Leslie are cousins who grew up more like sisters, thus celebrating their milestone birthday together.  It was a challenge giving each girl the attention they both deserved, but, we pulled it off!  As I said before, the dresses were absolutely gorgeous.  Shai wore a pink/orange dress and Leslie wore a purple/teal dress. Beautiful and vibrant colors!  After the ceremony, I took pictures at the church and then at Trinity College. As the day progressed, it became very windy and there was a chill in the air, despite the sunshine.  So, I tried to get pictures done as fast as I could. I was a little bummed because I had visited the campus the day before and had some awesome picture ideas in my head .  I wasn't able to do them all because the girls were cold, especially there Court. But, was able to get some good shots in. :)

When we got to the reception, I was in awe at the theme the mom and the girls picked out.  It truly epitomize what a Quincianera is all about.  I have seen a candy bar before, but I was not prepared to see the candy bar at this party!!  Wow, there was all types of candies and lots of them.  The decorations on the tables were made to represent; lollipops, and candy, etc. (The bouquet for the Court, were made out of lollipops.) When I saw the cake, I was literally so impressed, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.  Everything represented a childhood's dream of Candy Lane. 

I had such a great time and was able to enjoy myself on the dance floor for a bit. (A friend of mine from church, happened to be at the party. She is a good friend of one of the girl's mom and it was such a pleasant surprise to see her and dance some tunes with her. We both were surprised to see each other at the event. Such a small world.) 

May God bless Shai and Leslie as they enter their first steps into adulthood. They are very lovely girls.  Below are the some of the pictures from the day.

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